Uncommon Traffic Violations + How to Avoid

March 2nd, 2018 by


If you can recall looking back in your rearview mirror at flashing lights, wondering why you were getting stopped, you’re not alone. Many drivers have been written tickets they didn’t even know existed. There’s plenty of driving rules we simply forget or don’t even realize exist, and every day drivers are being pulled over and ticketed for these traffic errors. Let this serve as a reminder about some of the more uncommon types of traffic violations.

Right Turn Too Wide

You read that right the first time. If you make a turn, you have to stay in the lane path you were following. Turning right, drivers have to stay in the right lane and not drift to the left lane upon making that turn. This is a moving violation that is not often ticketed, but can be. Always make sure to not curve too far out of your lane.

Improper Lane Change

Have you been guilty of crossing a double-yellow or double-white line? That simple lane change is illegal and in the State of Florida comes with a $179 ticket. There’s no denying that tickets are frustrating, but this is one of the most frustrating tickets because usually there’s a proper turning lane not far ahead or solid-white or solid-yellow line ahead.

Don’t become impatient and wait for the proper place to change your lane, it might save you money and time by waiting. Improper lane changes are among the easiest tickets to avoid.

Driving Too Slowly (Left Lane Highway)

Recently in Florida, a new traffic law was put into place to penalize and fine vehicles driving too slowly in the left lane. If you know any drivers that don’t feel comfortable driving at the posted speeds or highway speeds, please encourage them to not drive, especially not in the left lane.

Driving Too Slowly

Look it up, slowpokes. There’s a flow of traffic that is found on every road and anyone attempting (deliberately or not) to slow down traffic can be found guilty of driving too slowly. Regardless of what lane the driver was using, this is a ticket. While receiving this fine can be met with some resistance by any driver caught off guard, just remember that just how punishing drivers who are going to fast happens everyday, the opposite is an offence as well. We hope this is never you! Make sure to never too that distracted while driving to lose sight of how slow your vehicle is moving.

Many times accidents happen as the result of drivers racing away from a “one-man-traffic-jam”; slow drivers that are going way below the speed limit. Those slow drivers causes a burden in creating traffic usually to an otherwise free flowing street where vehicles move easily.

Stay Safe on the Road

The State of Florida has many traffic violations given out every day, but the commitment towards improving drivers is also a daily focus. Check out this website full of reminders for the more common tips about awareness and defensive driving.

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