2025 RamCharger Poised to Quell Range Anxiety While Towing

November 27th, 2023 by

University Dodge - 2025 RamCharger

Electric pickup trucks face a challenge: they struggle with the traditional tasks of towing and hauling that are primary reasons for purchasing pickups. The issue isn’t the act of towing itself, as electric motors provide a smooth and seamless pull, making towing and hauling feel effortless. Additionally, there’s no need for a transmission to downshift when climbing grades, eliminating the associated high-rpm noise and loud cooling fans.

The issue arises when a load is added, especially the load of a trailer. Tow range is significantly reduced, often by half or more. Recharge times are prolonged, doubling or tripling the usual wait, as owners are likely to arrive with a nearly empty battery and feel the instant need to charge to full capacity due to the diminished range. During charging, it’s probable that buyers have to disconnect the trailer because pull-through fast charge stations are scarce. Additionally, fast-charging stations are primarily located along interstate corridors, limiting options for those dreaming of towing their Airstream to a secluded, off-the-grid campsite.

Enter the 2025 RamCharger

The Ramcharger is ingeniously designed to navigate around these challenges by not being a purely electric vehicle, at least not entirely. It relies exclusively on a pair of electric motors—a 335-hp motor propelling the front axle and a 319-hp unit in the rear. When both motors operate at full capacity, they collectively generate 663 peak horsepower and 615 pound-feet of maximum torque. In this regard, the 2025 Ramcharger stands as a truck powered purely by electricity, delivering the smooth towing experience  found on the competition such as the Ford F-150 Lightning or Rivian R1T.

The distinction lies in how those motors receive power. The Ramcharger can achieve up to 145 miles of pure electric range through a liquid-cooled lithium battery, boasting a gross capacity of 92 kilowatt-hours and a usable capacity of 70.8 kWh. When the usable capacity is depleted and the system transitions to a “charge-sustaining” mode, the required electricity is sourced from a 3.6-liter gasoline V-6 engine connected solely to a generator. While this configuration categorizes the Ramcharger as a plug-in hybrid, its unique feature—where the engine never directly propels the wheels but solely operates the generator—qualifies it as a plug-in series hybrid. This distinction is significant because, when running on gasoline, it functions akin to a standard diesel-electric locomotive, known for their robust towing capabilities.

Similar to many personal pickups on the market, the majority of buyers anticipate towing and hauling activities but seldom engage in them, particularly at the maximum payload and towing limits. The majority of the time, these trucks serve as daily drivers, and with a battery range of 145 miles, the Ramcharger offers a smooth and effortless electric driving experience for routine use. Road trips without towing won’t pose any challenges, as the V-6 generator, designed for a trailer weighing up to 14,000 pounds, won’t face significant strain.The actual towing experience remains a question mark. While the fundamental driving sensation will maintain its smooth, steady, and shift-free quality due to pure electric propulsion, the impact of the hard-working V-6 generator on the auditory experience remains uncertain. This aspect is one of the significant unknowns that will only be clarified when a production-ready sample becomes available next year. However, the Ramcharger’s primary towing advantage outweighs these considerations: there’s no need to search for a charging station on a road trip, whether towing or not. A simple visit to a gas station offering 87 octane is all that’s required of owners.

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