Unleash Your Inner Child (and the Instant Torque) with the New Dodge Hornet R/T!

April 2nd, 2024 by

University Dodge - 2024 Dodge Hornet Inner Child Campaign

Hold onto your childhood dreams, gearheads! Dodge is launching a new campaign, “Inner Child Intervention,” that ignites the spark between your grown-up self and the thrill-seeker within. But this time, the adventure comes with a powerful electric twist. Starring the all-new Dodge Hornet R/T, the brand’s first muscle-inspired plug-in hybrid crossover, the campaign follows a man on a wild ride with his inner child at the wheel. Get ready for a clash between nostalgic dreams and the electrifying reality of the Hornet R/T’s instant torque and visceral excitement.

“The Hornet RT stands apart from other compact UVs, with 383 lb.-ft. of torque that gives drivers the kind of instant acceleration and engaging driving experience that is unheard of in the category,” said Tim Kuniskis, Dodge brand chief executive officer – Stellantis. “As the first electrified vehicle from the brand – with our first fully battery-electric vehicle, the Dodge Charger Daytona, arriving this year – we know that when compared to horsepower, torque can sometimes be underappreciated. We’re launching this campaign to change that perception.”

The Dodge Hornet, launched last year (2023), established itself as a leader in performance thanks to its class-exclusive and best-in-class features. From the powertrain to the suspension, braking, steering, and handling, every element is optimized for an exhilarating drive. Standard all-wheel-drive with dynamic torque vectoring ensures power gets delivered where it’s needed most, while available segment-exclusive features like Brembo brakes and dual-stage suspension further elevate the dynamic driving experience.

The commercial opens with a man on the side of the road, when suddenly, a younger version of himself appears. This isn’t just any kid – it’s his inner child, ready to take the wheel and remind him what truly matters. Buckle up, because this joyride through the streets is a hilarious lesson in rediscovering youthful excitement. “Horsepower keeps you going,” his inner child yells, “but torque gets you GOING!” The spot masterfully taps into that child-like sense of wonder, leaving viewers with a surge of adrenaline and the irresistible urge to get behind the wheel of Dodge’s “totally torqued-out crossover,” the Hornet R/T.

And what fuels this inner child’s obsession? None other than the Hornet R/T’s innovative PowerShot feature. This segment-exclusive technology utilizes Dodge’s first hybrid powertrain to unleash an instant burst of acceleration. With a tap, drivers can access the maximum electrical power, rocketing from 0 to 60 mph in a mind-blowing 5.6 seconds.

The campaign extends beyond the commercial with engaging social media content designed to make learning about torque fun. A limited series for TikTok and Instagram called “Torque for Newbs” offers a humorous take on automotive jargon. Launching in the coming weeks, these four short videos will break down terms like “pound-foot” and explain how torque relates to horsepower, all while keeping it light. Think of it as your inner child taking the wheel (again!) and reminding you of epic childhood pranks, like that time you built a human slingshot and launched your cousin Max across the parking lot. “That’s torque!” your inner child yells, “except instead of Max, we unleash the wheels!”

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Photo Source/Copyright: Stellantis