“Twisters” Super Bowl Nostalgia Brings Back Ram Truck to Disaster Movies

February 12th, 2024 by

It’s widely acknowledged that “Twister” holds a significant place among cinematic favorites and what we consider memorable car commercials. Therefore, the unveiling of the new trailer for “Twisters” during Sunday night’s (Feb. 11, 2024) Super Bowl sparked considerable enthusiasm. While anticipation for the movie as a whole, particularly with notable actors like Glen Powell and Daisy Edgar-Jones, is palpable, what stands out most is the unmistakable incorporation of yet another Dodge/Ram commercial within the film.

Experts have had criticism regarding vehicle product placement in films in the past, but the case of “Twisters” presents a notable deviation. Unlike previous instances, such as “Barbie,” which served as a General Motors advertisement without eliciting a significant desire for specific vehicles among young audiences, “Twister” left an enduring impression on countless American children in the 1990s, instilling a fervent desire for a red Dodge Ram 2500. This thematic continuity is evident in the new “Twisters” trailer, featuring no fewer than two instances of Dodge Ram placement, including one prominently displayed in red.

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