The Dodge Charger Remains a Standout in the Sedan Segment

September 6th, 2019 by

Nearly a century ago someone decided that the basic three-box configuration of passenger cars would become the universal symbol for cars overall. There was always a nose with a low engine compartment, readily followed by a tall cabin meant to accommodate drivers and passengers, and a low trunk in the rear that completed the sedan look. Nowadays, sedans are easily in the rearview mirror as Americans insatiably purchase more and more sport utility vehicles instead. Many manufacturers, such as Ford and GM, have found themselves in the predicament of having to alter their approach to sedans, with some models being discontinued altogether. However, this waning interest in sedans does not appear to have affected Dodge. So what is Dodge delivering in the sedan segment that no other automaker is? Experts would immediately point the finger to the Dodge Charger. 

If anyone asked the automaker, Dodge would have to admit experts are probably right. The brand would likely state that neither GM or Ford are offering the type of sedan people want to buy. Unlike the entire sedan segment that’s experiencing dwindling sales figures, the 2019 Dodge Charger posted sales figures that topped the first six months when compared to the prior years. Dodge brand manager Kevin Hellman was recently interviewed by Automotive News, and although he was not willing to part with the brand’s secret, Hellman did say this: “The Charger is unique. It’s a sedan, but it’s also a muscle car. It does so many things well. It can reach so many different people. And it has personality.”

Hellman spoke about some of the current sedans and attributed the ongoing issues to vehicles that “don’t have personality — they’re easily replaced. They’re easily switched out for a utility vehicle. There’s nothing else like a Charger. How many other purple sedans do you see out there that look really good?” 

Need more reasons to understand the Charger’s success? The brand goes out of its way to give its enthusiasts many options with special trims and editions. In fact, Dodge recently introduced the 2020 Charger Widebody, marking the first time Dodge will offer this highly-anticipated trim for the Charger model. “The biggest thing is getting more rubber to our customers because of the higher horsepower and more traction. That’s goal No. 1, other than the additional performance that we’ve added in terms of getting the grip to the ground, the car looks beautiful, too. It’s a nice little refresh for the car and some much-needed love for the Charger Hellcat,” Hellman said. No need to panic, the Hellcat Charger isn’t the only Charger taking over the streets. All trims are more than capable, not to mention menacing, and it won’t break the bank to get behind the wheel. Dodge provides a wide range of affordability when it comes to the Charger. 

The base-tier Charger has a starting MSRP of $29,470 (plus destination fee) and features a standard 3.6-liter Pentastar V6 engine. Buyers seeking a bit more power wouldn’t have to break their budget, as a HEMI-powered R/T trim either has a starting MSRP of $36,245 (plus destination fee) — only about a $7,000 difference when compared to the base trim. The Nissan Maxima, once labeled as the tantamount “four-door sport sedan,” can’t hold a candle to the Charger’s personality. As an added bonus, the Charger features rear-wheel-drive — a rarity in today’s sedans, which allows for better traction while on the road. This adds a measure of safety to a vehicle that’s obviously designed to skirt around every speed limit. 

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