Ram’s Sales Were Strong in February

March 7th, 2016 by

Over the last few months, trucks sales have been steadily increasing and that means things are going great for Ram and FCA US.

Whether it’s the recent steady decline in gas prices in the last year, or the fact that many of the 2016 model year trucks have improved fuel economy and features, manufacturers across the board have seen an increased interest in light trucks.

Comparing the sales numbers from February 2016 and February 2015 in a chart supplied by AutoBlog.com, Ram had the second largest growth rate among non-luxury brands and 6th best sales growth overall. Ram, which exclusively sells trucks and a few large vans, saw a 27.39 percent increase in sales putting the number of trucks they sold for the month at 43,302 vehicles.

Looking at the bigger picture, FCA US, which encompasses Ram, Jeep, Dodge and Chrysler, saw their total sales increase as it has consecutively done for the last 70 months. Despite Chrysler’s 26% drop in sales, FCA’s success can largely be attributed to their other three brands which are generally considered as SUV and truck brands.

Overall, new car sales in the U.S. in Feb 2016 saw an increase in 6.8 percent in comparison to Feb. 2015 — so the auto industry is still looking healthy in the U.S.  

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