We Hope the Ram Rebel TRX Concept Hits the Assembly Line

October 13th, 2016 by

Ram has had many concept trucks in the past, some of gone to the assembly line, while others remained just a concept. However, Ram has recently shown a new concept vehicle we really hope hits the assembly line, and soon. If sent to production, the new concept would give the 2017 Ford Raptor a run for its money.

The name of the new Ram concept truck is the Ram Rebel TRX. Yep, you read that right, the concept is built from a previous concept, the Ram 1500 Rebel, which was produced in 2015. The Ram Rebel TRX concept keeps about 20 percent of the Ram Rebel’s design, and adds a lot more flare and power.

Performance and Capability

The engine on this truck is the most powerful factory-engineered half-ton engine ever built. The engine is a supercharged 6.2-liter V8 engine (sounds a lot like the SRT Hellcat engine) that produces 575 horsepower and gives the Rebel TRX concept a top speed of 100 mph. The engine is paired with a eight-speed automatic transmission and has an all-wheel-drive drivetrain. This type of engine is powerful both on, and off-road.

The engine and transmission are not all that make the Rebel TRX concept ready for any terrain. The Rebel TRX concept comes loaded with tons of tough off-road features like a link coil rear suspension system, which is similar to suspensions used for desert racing and a 4X4 performance system that allows for maximum traction on virtually any terrain.


Both the exterior and interior of the truck are rugged and athletic. The features make the truck look like it’s built for hardcore off-roading and racing as well. From the unique Ram grille to the wide body stance, the exterior of the Ram is bad! Steel bumpers, large fender wells, and 37-inch off-road tires are just some extra feature to make the TRX possibly the baddest looking truck in the game.

The interior has huge racing harras-style seat belts on each seat with “REBEL” written loud and proud across them. In addition, the concept has other interior features such as standard black suede and cloth trimmed seats, and colored accents to match the body color (red in the truck Ram released as their concept). These additional features give the interior a sophisticated look with a dangerous and racing style appeal.

Keep up with us on the University Dodge Facebook page, if there is ever a release date, we will make sure you know right away! Until then, you can check out University Dodge’s Ram 1500 Rebel inventory here.

Photo source: Ram Trucks Twitter