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May 20th, 2020 by

Ram pickups have experienced a surge in popularity in the past few years. After occupying the third spot for years, behind the Ford F-150 and Chevy Silverado, the Ram 1500 finally surged ahead to second place thanks to its 2019 sales. The battle to retain that second place is ongoing, so we’ll have to withhold our final judgment until the end of the year. However, Ram has another surprising victory under its belt. Automotive News, using data from Edmunds and IHS Markit, reported that the Ram 1500 has the most number of customers under 35, making it the de facto youthful American truck. 

According to Automotive News, Ram Trucks sold a total of 43,282 pickups to buyers under 35 years old in 2019. The Ford F-series sold 40,968 trucks, while the Chevy Silverado sold 39,181 units to buyers under 35, for comparison. This remains a hotly-contested market for truck makers because brand loyalty, surprisingly, has a lot of influence on buyers. Statistically, buyers will continue to purchase a pickup truck from a specific brand for years to come, thus owning and succeeding in this segment is of the essence for the Big Three truck makers. Establishing loyalty in younger buyers, especially during this time where the redesigned Ram Trucks are flourishing, is a goal that we can safely say Ram has achieved. 

Using data from IHS Markit, experts were able to determine that Ram currently has the highest brand loyalty in the light-duty pickup segment over three years. Here’s why Ram has been so successful in cornering this specific piece of the market. Some experts point out that the reason Ram has been so successful in recent years is that the brand continues to sell the previous generation Ram 1500 as the Ram 1500 Classic alongside the most recent generation. Continuing to sell the Ram 1500 Classic allows Ram to offer buyers a cheaper alternative as the Ram Classic is considered to be around $10,000 less, according to Edmunds. 

Such a strategy allows Ram to occupy a particular space in the automotive segment in which it has the biggest spread of price range in the pickup market, thus attracting a wider range of buyers. Because the Ram brand does not currently have a midsize pickup offering, the Ram 1500 Classic tends to fill that position. Eventually, once the Ram 1500 Classic is phased out, younger buyers might be able to financially transition to the Ram 1500.  Another reason why Ram has soared in popularity? The brand is dedicated to crafting a pickup that meets today’s needs, and that includes a heavy focus on exciting tech. Vehicle tech, such as the optional 12-inch infotainment touchscreen display on the redesigned Ram 1500, delivers the kind of wow factor that younger buyers are looking for. 

By placing an emphasis on technology, design, interior quality and offering a lower-priced alternative like the Ram Classic, the brand has positioned itself as ripe for the picking by younger buyers. Experience the current Ram lineup at University Dodge. Explore our Ram Trucks inventory and schedule your test drive today! Follow University Dodge on social media for the latest news and offers.

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