Ram 1500: Crew Cab, Regular Cab and Quad Cab

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Pickup trucks are one of the most customizable types of vehicles. There are options for different truck sizes, different engine sizes, different types of engines, various lengths of truck beds as well as various cabin sizes.  While regular cab and crew cab are two different truck cabin sizes that are used by Ram and several other manufacturers, the quad cab is a truck cabin size unique to the Ram brand. Let’s take a look at the differences between all three.

Regular Cab

A regular cab is the smallest truck cabin size of the three. Trucks with a regular cab only have two doors and they have seating for two people if there are two individual seats or three people if the front seat is a bench seat. Ram’s regular cab is available with a 6’4” truck bed or an 8’ truck bed.

Crew Cab

Generally speaking, crew cabs are extended truck cabs that have four doors and seating for three passengers in the back and depending on the front seat, two or three people in the front. Since trucks are commonly used as work trucks, it’s easy to remember what a crew cab is by thinking of a crew cab truck as having enough room for the  work crew.

When it comes to the Ram brand, the crew cab offers the most interior space and all crew cab trucks come standard with a 5.7-liter. Additionally, the Ram brand offers a crew cab with two different truck bed sizes, 6’4” and 5’7”.

Quad Cab

The interior space in the quad cab is slightly smaller than the crew cab, but it is a more affordable than the crew cab and it still has four doors and a back seat, so people that don’t typically have back seat passengers may prefer this option. The Ram crew cab is only available with a 6’4” truck bed and buyers have the option of all of the engine options on the Ram 1500 lineup.

How Much of a Difference Are the Truck Dimensions?

Here are the various differences of lengths and sizes of various Ram truck options.

Ram Regular Cab

Front Leg Room: 41”
Back Seat Leg Room: n/a
Truck Bed Length: 76.3” or 98.3”
Truck Bed Cargo Volume: 57.5 cubic feet or 74.7 cubic feet
Starting MSRP: $26,495

Ram Crew Cab

Front Leg Room: 41”
Back Seat Leg Room: 40.3”
Truck Bed Length:  67.4” or 76.3”
Truck Bed Cargo Volume: 50.3 cubic feet or 57.5 cubic feet
Starting MSRP: $32,995

Ram Quad Cab

Front Leg Room: 41”
Back Seat Leg Room: 34.7”
Truck Bed Length: 76.3”
Truck Bed Cargo Volume: 57.3 cubic feet
Starting MSRP: $30,595

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