Gas Monkey Garage – Dodge Vehicles To Check Out

October 7th, 2016 by

The Gas Monkey garage in Dallas, Texas is run by two guys that share a passion for restoring cars. Richard Rawlings and Aaron Kaufman are the Texas grown, car lovin’ men that run the garage/shop. You may have seen them on the Discovery channel Monday nights during their show Fast N’ Loud. The show is all about the Gas Monkey garage team led by Richard and Aaron. All of their projects are really cool, but we have a couple favorites for Dodge lovers.

Our number one favorite Dodge featured from the Gas Monkey garage is the 1967 Dodge Dart they restored and turned into a monster (in the best way possible). The crew from the garage was able to take the classic Dodge Dart and restore it to be beautiful and crazy fast. How fast? Well, they took the SRT Hellcat engine (707 horsepower) and put it in the classic Dart. The team was challenged to race their Dart against another car shows (Roadkill) classic Dodge Charger also powered by a SRT Hellcat engine. The Dart won the race by a sixth of a second.

Another Dodge that has been featured on Fast N’ Loud is a classic Dodge truck that was purchased by Aaron and Richard from 44 Build, which is a company that uses industrial materials to recreate and create fixtures, autos and furniture. Gas Monkey made the truck so awesome that 44Build ended up buying it back. The main objective was to make the truck look good, but the crew at Gas Monkey did much more than that. They replaced the tires to be able to handle much more speed and traction. Check out the video of them doing donuts in the bad boy here.

Want to get your own Dodge vehicle to trick out like they do in Gas Monkey? We most definitely have something for you, from the Dart to the Challenger Hellcat and everything in between. Check out our inventory of Dodge vehicles here.

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