Dually Truck vs. Non-Dually Truck – Pros and Cons of Each

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Dually trucks and non-dually trucks are different in that they have different capabilities and purposes. The most obvious difference between the truck models are the dual rear wheels that a dually has versus the typical single rear wheels that a standard pickup truck has. The extra set of wheels gives a dually advantages and disadvantages. Learn more about both dually and non-dually trucks below, if you are struggling to choose which is best for you, this information will serve you well.


As previously mentioned, a dually truck is a standard truck with an extra set of wheels in the rear. The reason most people would choose a dually over a non-dually truck has nothing to do with style and everything to do with capability. The extra set of wheels allows for more capability.


  • Increased maximum towing and payload capacities.  
  • More stable for a trailer specifically in a windy situation (therefore, added safety when needed).
  • Perfect for a 5th wheel trailer or a larger and heavier haul.


  • Decreased fuel economy.
  • Can be more difficult to park and drive because of the wider and heavier body to accommodate extra wheels.
  • More expensive purchase cost of the truck.
  • Less comfortable ride without a load.


A non-dually truck is a standard four wheel truck. Even if a non-dually truck doesn’t have as much towing capacity, it still has many upsides to it as well. Not to mention, for most every day drivers, a non-dually  is a perfectly suitable choice.


  • A more affordable truck option.
  • Better fuel economy.
  • Perfectly capable of towing if you are an everyday driver with little need to tow heavy loads.
  • More comfortable ride without a load.


  • Lower towing capability and less capable when it comes to stability when towing in windy conditions.
  • Duallies are safer in a blowout situation. If a tire blows out in a standard four-wheel truck it may be more dangerous.
  • Easier driving, parking and handling.

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