Dodge Charger: Hot Pursuit

July 27th, 2017 by

While being one of the most pursued vehicles for US law enforcement agencies, the Charger Pursuit also serves and protects the community and officers alike. One of the most important safety features included with this vehicle is the “Officer Protection Package”. The package is no cost to law enforcement agencies and it uses rear view camera and parking sensors to monitor whether someone is approaching behind the vehicle with the intent to ambush the officer on duty. If the monitor detects movement, it will immediately sound an alarm, lock all doors and the windows will go up. Additionally, the package comes with the “Fleet Safety Group,” a new feature for the Dodge Charger Pursuit. This group adds blind-spot monitoring and rear cross-traffic alert.

As far as the interior, law enforcement officers now have a larger infotainment screen standard – and officers also have the option of replacing their bulky laptop for a 12-inch touchscreen.

In all seriousness, officers and civilians secure the right to know what exactly is going on around them. By Dodge allowing officers the advantage of having a high-tech vehicle, it allows them to make clear and non-panicked decisions. Now if only someone could work on building them actual eyes for the back of their heads – hmmmm?

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