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Ever hear of Uconnect? If you own or drive a FCA vehicle, then it’s likely you have heard about it, but you might not know exactly what or where it is, so here’s the rundown.

What is Uconnect?

Uconnect is Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) infotainment system, and most FCA vehicles come standard with at least one version. Infotainment systems are systems that allow users to control some car features, access entertainment features such as music and games, as well as traffic reports and even car data.

“Uconnect is the feature-packed navigation, entertainment, and communication system that lets drivers live their lives, connected. The award-winning system takes a bunch of great features and drops them into an elegant and customizable 8.4-inch touchscreen.”


What Can Uconnect Do?

There are currently 3 main versions of Uconnect, Uconnect 5.0, Uconnect 8.4, and Uconnect 8.4NAV, and the capabilities of a Uconnect system vary based on the version.

Most new FCA vehicles at least have Uconnect 5.0. Uconnect 5.0 comes with a respective aesthetically pleasing 5-inch touch screen, AM/FM radio, an auxiliary/USB media hub for a mobile device or mp3 player, and speed-adjusted volume. Uconnect 5.0 also has an excellent phone function that allows drivers to use Uconnect Voice Command to make calls or read and dictate texts by talking to the system, rather than looking down at a screen and taking their hands off the steering wheel. Up to ten phones can be paired so multiple drivers can use the system, not just the owner. Some vehicles come with wireless charging of phones, so no one has to fight over cables, and come with a “Do Not Disturb” mode to reroute all calls to voicemail and suppress notifications. Additional features that are available with Uconnect 5.0 include steering wheel controls, a ParkView rear back up camera, and access to SiriusXM Satellite Radio.

Uconnect 8.4 comes with all the same features as Uconnect 5.0, and then some. Uconnect 8.4 comes standard with access to SiriusXM Satellite Radio, an 8.4-inch touchscreen, and a few other features are available. These are the “Do Not Disturb” mode, Siri Eyes Free to control your phone with your voice, and can come with a 6-month trial of Uconnect Access.

Uconnect 8.4 NAV has all of the features of Uconnect 8.4, plus HD Radio, Uconnect voice-command with hands-free calling and Bluetooth streaming audio, and navigation functionality! Most people use their smartphone for navigation, but looking down at a phone is dangerous. Uconnect 8.4NAV has excellent navigation functionality and 3D maps so users can see what’s around them and where to go to get to their destination. Uconnect 8.4NAV also provides traffic updates through SiriusXM Traffic, or details about weather, local movie listings, and more with SiriusXM Travel Link. Uconnect can also identify places of interest and show users what’s around the area.

Uconnect Access is Uconnect plus awesome. When subscribed to Uconnect Access, users can personalize their Uconnect system with their favorite apps, and if a car is equipped with remote-start functionality, they can use the Uconnect Access smartphone app to remotely start the vehicle’s engine from virtually anywhere. With the Uconnect Access app users can send information to their vehicle, like their next destination, or even give control over the vehicle’s locks. Other features of Uconnect Access include a “Vehicle Finder,” which makes it easy for users to find their parked vehicle, vehicle health reports and alerts, emergency assistance, voice texting, engine performance pages, Yelp, and a 3G Wi-Fi hotspot.

Does all this sound good to you? Then check outour inventory of Dodge vehicles, with Uconnect 5.0, Uconnect 8.4, and Uconnect 8.4 NAV available.

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