The Dodge Challenger has Rim Options for a Customized Ride

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Both inside and out, the Dodge Challenger is a beautiful car across all 10 trims. Intended to be customized to the needs and wants of a driver, the Challenger has 17 different engine options and several different rims or wheel choices for a buyer to choose. Today we’re going to explore two of the Challenger’s available rim options and briefly explain the differences between them.

Carbon Aluminum Wheels

Carbon fiber is used across all types of products because it is a very, very durable, strong and lightweight material and it has become increasingly popular in rim manufacturing. While full carbon fiber wheels do exist, they are fairly expensive, so, to affordably incorporate the benefits of carbon fiber into rims, manufacturers have started making a rim that combines carbon fiber and aluminum, these rims are called carbon aluminum rims.

Carbon aluminum wheels have a lot of benefits including benefits on the car’s performance and fuel consumption. On average, carbon aluminum wheels are 40% lighter than forged aluminum wheels. That weight difference provides for the engine as it doesn’t have to work as hard to push the vehicle down the road. This reduces fuel consumption and fuel costs. According to Carbon aluminum wheels have various positive impacts on vehicle performance like steering handling, car acceleration and even braking.

It’s really cool that the most basic and affordable Dodge Challenger trim, the Challenger SXT, comes standard with 18-Inch satin carbon aluminum wheels and 20-inch carbon aluminum wheels come standard on the Challenger R/T.

Forged Aluminum Wheels

Forged aluminum wheels are made from aluminum, which is the same material as cast aluminum wheels, but the process in which forged aluminum wheels are made, creates a better product. While cast wheels are made from liquid aluminum poured into a cast, forged wheels are solid aluminum that has been heated and pressurized to make the aluminum malleable enough to be forged and shaped. As a result from the heat and pressure, the rims are stronger, and more resistant to impacts.

There are a couple different color and style options of forged aluminum wheels available on the Challenger. The iconic Challenger SRT Hellcat, comes with 20-inch matte black forged wheels, which makes sense since forged wheels are commonly used on race cars. There are also a variety of forged aluminum wheels that are an available option across many of the Challenger trims.

Check out the Dodge Challenger wheels in person

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