Saying “Thanks” to Local Firemen with Ram Nation + Easton Corbin

November 23rd, 2016 by

As a way to say “thanks,” to the firefighters at the Sunrise Fire Station, Ram Nation and Easton Corbin invited University Dodge to serve a Thanksgiving meal.

Ram Nation and Easton Corbin organized the event to show their gratitude to firefighters and do something special for them around the holidays, a time that some of them don’t get to spend with their families. Ram Nation supplied a whole Thanksgiving dinner, including turkey, traditional Thanksgiving sides and an apple pie for dessert and the team from University Dodge helped serve the food.

Easton Corbin’s appearance was a surprise and the firefighters seemed to love it. He wasn’t just there because he had to be, Corbin generally loves Ram and is extremely glad to give back when he can. He shook the hands of each and every firefighter, served them food with the Ram Nation volunteers, he took pictures with them, and gave them some awesome memories. Ram Nation plans to keep working with Easton as well as other Ram loving country music stars to continue to surprise those who deserve it as well as help the community.

Ram Nation

Ram Nation is a group of Ram driving, volunteers, and hardworking individuals with the urge to give back and help their community. This group gives back in anyway they can from blood drives and disaster relief to helping a neighbor in need with yard work.

You can join Ram Nation by signing up here. After joining, you will to be able to volunteer and share your experience with other Ram Nation volunteers. You will also be notified of Ram Nation events in your area when available. You can also click here to donate to different organizations currently being helped by Ram Nation!

We’re very thankful to have been asked to participate in this event and that we were given the opportunity to say our own thanks to local firefighters. And finally, we’re thankful and proud to be a part of the Ram Nation and the work the organization does around the U.S.

If you are a member of Ram Nation or if you join after reading this post, we would love to hear your experience with the organization. Please reach out to us on our Facebook and let us know what you think and what you have done with Ram Nation.

Love what you heard about the organization and want to help but don’t have a Ram truck (yet)? Come by University Ram or check out our inventory here and get one of your own so you can begin giving back with other Ram truck drivers!

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Sunrise Fire Station