Real People Using the Ram ProMaster and ProMaster City for Work

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The Ram ProMaster and ProMaster City are capable commercial vans built for all lines of work and the Ram Commercial Work Zone videos prove that! Check out some of the Ram vans being used by people in landscaping, the automotive industry and even the beekeeping industry.

Sunshine Landscaping and Irrigation

Located in Rogers, MN, Sunshine Landscaping and Irrigation is a perfect example of versatility in terms of the Ram ProMaster City. Owner, John Maeyaert started Sunshine initially specializing in just sprinkler systems. However, over time, his company evolved into landscaping and irrigation. As his company grew, he purchased two Ram Promaster Cities for additional space and convenience. Maeyaert also added that not only having the ability to install shelving, he was left with about 8-inches of additional floor space for all of the equipment he needs to transport every day. Furthermore, the biggest convenience was the ParkView Backup Camera to make parking and reversing easy.

Ecoshine Mobile Auto Detailing

Ecoshine Mobile Auto Detailing is a full mobile auto detailing service located in Toledo, OH and also services parts of south Michigan. Owner, Justin Wamsley has a history with the Chrysler brand as his grandfather worked for Chrysler many years ago. Ecoshine offers a full detailing service that specializes in high end car detailing and travels to their client’s home, work or anywhere else. The Ram ProMaster was essential for traveling with a full water system, electricity and chemicals – basically a second shop on wheels. Additionally, the ProMaster allows for them to access the client’s driveway to detail their cars easier.

Andrew’s BeeKeeping

When Andrew Cote was given the chance to test drive the Ram ProMaster for his busy workday – he said, “Yea! Let’s do it!” Andrew is the owner of Andrew’s Honey and sells his homemade honey at the Union Square Market in New York City. Andrew grew up beekeeping and considered it a way to spend time with his dad. While using a pickup truck for his daily commutes, he brought up the fact that it can get challenging to move around equipment for his beekeeping and farmer’s market stuff. The first feature that caught his eye was the 180-degree opening rear hinged doors – which is essential when traveling in the city. After loading up his truck, which was able to fit all of his materials in an organized manner, he hit the busy New York City roads. While mentioning how easy it was to drive, Andrew was able to stand-up inside, lift more of his equipment faster and utilized the backup camera for those hard parking spaces in the city.

The Ram ProMaster can clearly be used for various types of jobs all over the nation. Some additional standard features include:

  • 2.4-Liter Tigershark MultiAir I4 Engine
  • 9-speed transmission
  • 16-inch x 6.5-inch silver steel wheels
  • Rear Doors without Glass
  • Brake Assist
  • Hill Start Assist
  • Front, Side and Rear Airbags throughout the van

Interested in test driving a Ram ProMaster and/or ProMaster City for your business? Come visit University Dodge located in Davie, FL or visit our website for available inventory

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