Possible New Ram Truck Features for 2018

July 13th, 2016 by

Earlier this year, Ram Truck released their 2017 Ram Power Wagon, and all of its awesome features got us wondering about more models and features that may come to Ram trucks in the future … will they fly?

So far, we haven’t found credible sources that say any Ram trucks will fly, but we did find some other cool stuff that might be introduced in the future. From an article published on Allpar.com, it seems like the 2018 Ram 1500 could have some really awesome features that haven’t been seen on a truck before.

If your lease will be up around 2018 or if you will be looking for a new truck around then, definitely keep your eye out for Ram news.  Let’s take a look at what could be in Ram’s future around 2018.

Better Engines + Fuel Economy

According to the Allpar.com article, all three available Ram engines, the EcoDiesel, Pentastar, and Hemi, might have some engineering changes that will increase speed, strength and fuel economy.  The Hemi’s horsepower could go as high as 400 horses and 300 horses for the Pentastar engine. The increased horsepower could improve towing capacity, which is great news for truck drivers.

Even though those engines could be more powerful, their fuel economy is also expected to improve. That’s no surprise though, in a few interviews and statements, Bob Hegbloom, head of Ram Truck, has mentioned that fuel economy is important to Ram.

Stow ‘N Go Seats

Stow ‘N Go Seats are a convenient seating feature that are currently available on a couple vehicles made by FCA brands, and the awesome convenience feature could also be adopted by Ram. Stow ‘N Go seating allows seats to easily fold into the floor leaving plenty of flat space for cargo that isn’t in the bed. This is great for long trips,especially if you don’t have a truck bed cover. Additionally, when the seats are not folded into these storage areas, they can be used for storage of other items.

Improved Tailgate

Also according to Allpar.com, 2018 Ram trucks could incorporate a big design change on a truck’s tailgate. From drawings in the article,  the new tailgate could be split in half,  so the tailgate could open drop down (how truck tailgates currently operate) or horizontally like doors. It could be a new feature  that could make packing and unpacking the bed significantly easier.