National Heat Awareness Day 2016

May 27th, 2016 by

National Heat Awareness is today, Friday, May 27th. The summer can be a very hot time for many areas in the country, especially in the southern states like Florida, Georgia, and Alabama. With a little less than a month to go until the Summer Solstice, the days are growing longer and that means there’s more time for things to heat up during the day.

For years now, it’s become clear that heat-related deaths are no small issue, and yet the common people are still not properly educated on how quickly hot temperatures can claim a life. A friend of mine suffered from heat stroke several years ago. We were on a cruise line and went to the Bahamas during the summer. We brought a bottle of water to keep hydrated, and in an hour she nearly collapsed.

If that can happen in an hour in the summer outdoors, then imagine how quickly it can happen indoors. Every year, someone leaves a dog, or worse, a child in their car while taking care of a quick errand. Little do they know that on a hot summer day, that’s can be a death sentence.

Even on the mildest of days, it doesn’t take long for a car to get hot.

Outside Temperature Temperature in the Car Time Elapsed
75 100 10 minutes
75 120 30 minutes
85 90 5 minutes
85 100 10 minutes
85 120 30 minutes
100 140 15 minutes

Looking at the stats above, it is a startling reality to face. 75 degrees is a pretty nice temperature for a great day at the beach or for a leisurely walk, and it’s bound to be even cooler at night. In a span of 30 minutes however, the temperature nearly doubles in a car. Can you imagine how hot it would get in an hour?

We all try to rationalize it. “Oh, I’ll be just a minute, in-and-out.” What we don’t realize is how hot the car can get and how quickly, even in the span of ten minutes.

Don’t leave your pet or child in the car, hot or not, and observe National Heat Awareness day for those that have already suffered the deadly consequences.

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