National Day of the Cowboy at a “No Bull” Dealership

July 22nd, 2016 by

Tomorrow is the fourth Saturday in July, making it the National Day of the Cowboy. And, for as long as we have been around, University Dodge has recognized the cowboy and cowgirl culture as being a part of our local community.

Not only are we located in the Town of Davie, a.k.a. Cowboy Town, but University Dodge sells Ram trucks, which are some of the best trucks for trailering horses. We are also the official presenting sponsors of all of the Davie Pro Rodeo events held at the nearby Bergeron Rodeo Grounds.

Have you ever been to a Davie Pro Rodeo event at the Bergeron Rodeo Grounds? You’ve probably seen us there. That big black lifted truck that drives around in the beginning of the show — that’s ours, and if you want one, we can customize one for you.

Axles, hitches, towing capacities and trailering is our expertise, just like roping, bull riding and barrel racing might be yours.

To all the cowboys or cowgirls that don’t know about us, we’ll put it simply. University Dodge is a “No Bull” dealership. We don’t make bull deals on new or used vehicles.  Are you looking to lease or buy a truck for your farm or need a new hauler to pull the horse trailer? Our experienced and knowledgeable staff will help you find the best truck for your needs and at the best price.