More Exciting News to the 2017 Dodge Challenger Lineup

September 13th, 2016 by

Audiences learned about the new 2017 Challenger T/A and Charger Daytona models in August, but changes and additions to next year’s Challenger lineup are still being announced. Despite the fact that Dodge has said they are going to be focusing on SUVs, the Charger and Challenger are still two of Dodge’s most important models. In comparison to August 2015, the Charger’s August 2016 sales were up 24 percent, and the Challenger’s sales were up five percent.

In addition to expanding the Challenger lineup to include three variations of the Challenger T/A, the 2017 Challenger lineup will also get two other new models. Before the Charger and Challenger change to a new and lighter platform in 2018,  FCA’s new Giorgio platform, Dodge has increased the Challenger lineup to include two additional models — the all-wheel drive 2017 Challenger GT AWD and the wide-body Challenger SRT Hellcat, which will be called the Challenger ADR.

The new Dodge Challenger GT AWD was originally displayed as a concept car at the 2015 SEMA Show in Las Vegas, and it is expected to debut this fall. The Challenger’s larger kin, the four-door Dodge Charger, has been available with all-wheel drive, but this is the first time an all-wheel drive option will be available to the Challenger lineup. It is expected that the new models will be available on the Challenger models equipped with a 3.6-liter V6 engine and the new option is expected to make the Challenger a more realistic car choice for people who live in climates with snow and ice.

As for the Challenger ADR, that is a new body style on the Challenger SRT Hellcat models. Powered by a 707-horsepower 6.2-liter V8 engine, the two-door sedan will now be available with a wider body, which might mean larger tires, a feature which would increase its traction with the road. The Challenger ADR is expected to be available in 2017.

When all’s said and done, there will be a total of 15 different Challenger trims in 2017, and with the new body coming in 2018, who knows what will happen to the Challenger lineup!

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