Maximum Towing Capacity Without a Worry

June 10th, 2016 by

Towing heavy loads can be challenging. For those of you who need a refresher on towing safety listen up, for those of you who are towing experts, you can skip the next paragraph (or, feel free to read anyway!).

Towing is not as simple as attaching the load to the hitch and driving away. The most important part of towing (especially a heavy load), is having control of the truck, and what you are hauling as well, especially when braking.

Ram trucks have the safety of drivers, passengers and precious cargo in mind. Many Ram trucks come standard with integrated braking and hill-start assist, which are recommended features for towing. These two important features help drivers keep full control of their Ram and their cargo.

When equipped with the integrated braking system and a trailer that is properly equipped, the driver can trigger the brakes on the trailer to brake with the truck. This feature helps to ensure the safety of driver and other drivers on the road.

This feature makes sure the vehicle will not roll backward as the driver begins accelerating after a complete stop on an incline. No need to worry about turning sharp corners, or going up and down hills, Ram has your back. Safety first, fun second.

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