Learn How To Handle Your SRT Vehicle Like a Professional

February 1st, 2018 by

Have you ever had the need for speed? Not sure where to channel this energy and excitement? If you’re one of the many who have wanted to drag race or drive expensive fast vehicles like any of the SRT performance vehicles made by Dodge, there’s many places you can go to learn and experience for yourself what it’s like.

The 475 horsepower provided by the 6.4-liter HEMI V8 engine is nothing to mess with, so the 707 horsepower of the Challenger SRT Hellcat or Charger SRT Hellcat or the 840 horsepower of the Challenger SRT Demon are DEFINITELY nothing to “mess with.” Learning how to drive these fast vehicles properly and safely is a huge reason to sign up for one of these driving or racing schools, but of course the exhilarating experience of handling a fast car is a reason enough to want to go ahead and take part in joining. Various schools have different requirements, pricing and hours of provided teachings.

Racing Adventure School of High Performance Driving and Racing

Racing Adventures is a performance driving school that has been teaching people how to drive like professionals for 30 years. From allowing students to drive exotic supercars to offering events for corporate businesses and even weddings, students have the plenty to do at the Racing Adventure School of High Performance Driving and Racing. With schools ranging from Arizona to Texas and California, there’s classes available for students in many areas.

Vehicles made by Aston Martin, Ferrari, Porsche GT3, Audi R8, Lamborghini, McLaren are all offered for a $199 single supercar driving experience. Racing lessons are provided in one or two day classes that start at $399. Supercar GT tours are also available and the courses include sharp twists and turns in open desert roads in premiere vehicles and those are offered three times a day. Corporate and group programs are available for $199 per person and will create a definite bonding experience. To find out more visit RacingAdventures.com

Bob Bondurant Racing School

If you’ve wanted to embrace how fast a muscle car can take you, then sign up for a class at Bob Bondurant’s Racing School located in Arizona. Buyers who buy any Dodge//SRT performance vehicle are eligible to take a free racing course at the Bob Bondurant School of High Performance Driving.

Both the Dodge brand and the Bondurant Racing School have worked to provide exceptional power and embrace the speed at which these fast vehicles offer. Students learn about racing concepts such a staging, signals, proper launches and reaction times to go with a staggering 22 individual single-lane runs on the strip.The course is designed by Bob Bondurant and it’s a 100-acre facility including a 3-mile, 26 turn track that has 11 multi configurations, and showcases over 200 race-prepared vehicles.

To sign up, reach out to 1-800-998-1110 or any one that has purchased an SRT vehicle can check out Bondurant.com/dragracing.

Bertil Roos Racing School

Located in Pennsylvania, Bertil Roos Racing School, is a fully licensed racing school that offers students various programs that lets drivers experience a formula car with half-day, one-day, three-day or five-day racing programs.There’s also a two-day Advanced Road Racing school for those who complete and graduate from the beginner classes.

In class students learn how to pass, draft, learn racing strategies and race craft expertise. From specialize rookie camps to full on coaching advice that help drivers learn the right way how to race.

Upcoming racing schools event will happen starting in March. This year’s first 3-day school classes will take place March 12-14th, 2018 at Palm Beach International Raceway in West Palm Beach, Florida. The first 2-Day advanced school happening immediately after from March 15-16th, 2018. These classes are the only times they have announced they will offer classes in Florida in 2018.

A large majority of the racing school events will take place at the Pocono International Raceway in Pocono, PA. To learn more about the Bertil Roos Racing School and their events, visit Racenow.com

Frank Hawley’s Drag Racing School

With everything from drag racing to licensing programs and specialized group events, Frank Hawley’s Drag Racing School offers a range of unique classes from novice beginners to expert drivers.

Dragster Adventure and Dragster Adventure Challenge courses run a half day and full day respectfully, with the latter option providing a tournament style elimination game with all competitors facing off in races until a champion is decided at no extra charge for the additional races.

Frank Hawley, a NHRA World Champion, and his staff host classes in Gainesville, FL on February 6-7th on Super Comp and on February 13th on Top Dragster at the Gainesville Raceway. For enthusiasts to those with hopes of becoming a professional driver, Frank Hawley’s Drag Racing School offers real experience and knowledge on how to handle extreme speeds. Go to Frankhawley.com to find out about additional classes happening in 2018.

Skip Barber Racing School

For over 40 years, the Skip Barber Racing School has taught specialized classes for formula one racing, with the goal that students will have to go from their Introduction to Racing to one-day racing school and the three-day racing school to follow and finally end with their two-day advanced racing school.

Skip Barber offers premiere racing instructions, provides racing licenses and has driving schools all over the country. With classes ranging from Palm Beach to Atlanta, Illinois, New Jersey and even out to California where you can find classes., classes run from $1,995 for a one-day lesson to $4,795 for three-day racing school experience.

Skipbarber.com is the place to go for more information on joining the Skip Barber Racing Adventure school.


Offered by the Florida International Rally & Motorsport Park, drivers can join the RallyPro High Performance Driving School to learn about competitive racing with their world-class rally driving help and support. There are numerous pricing options depending on whether you decide on half-day or full-day classes. One-on-one instructions with 2-wheel drive cars and half-day classes cost $1,000 and for a full day-drivers will have to pay $1,400.

Drivers that want a longer experience, three-day, four- day and five-day driving course racing events are also offered throughout the year. Hand-brake turns, pendulum turns and 4-wheel drifts are part of the training included in the courses.

February 21st, 2018 will be the next half day lesson offered in Starke, Florida. Visit GoRally.com to sign up. The Firm is located only 30 minutes from Gainesville Airport.

Best Place To Buy Fast Cars

If you’ve wanted to know what it’s like to have the full fledged power of a Dodge SRT vehicle visit with us first at University Dodge to get your SRT vehicle credentials in order. Stop by for a free test drive and let our staff show you our best selection of new and late model Dodge vehicles.