Keeping Up With Dodge Maintenance

August 4th, 2016 by

After purchasing a new Dodge vehicle, it is important to keep up with your new Dodge maintenance to assure the car stays in good shape for as long as possible. There are some simple things you can do to keep your Dodge car in tip-top shape. Regular maintenance inspections, annual inspections, and daily/weekly care care are three key steps to keeping a new car “new.”

Regular Oil Maintenance

Oil is the blood of a car’s engine. Running your engine with low oil or old oil can lead to serious engine problems. So if you just bought a new car, you need to get familiar with how often the oil needs to be changed and how to regularly check the oil level yourself.

But even if you stay on top of keeping your oil full, it is imperative for you to get regular oil changes. A Dodge maintenance department will be one of the best places you can bring your new Dodge because they will use the best products for your vehicle.  A general rule is that most cars need an oil change every 3,000 miles or so, but it really depends on how many miles you drive and what car you drive. The only way to know when to get your Dodge to the service shop is to read the maintenance section of your manual.

Yearly Maintenance

At least once a year you will need a deeper and more thorough maintenance inspection. During your regular scheduled maintenance inspections your service advisor will check and change your oil, and double check to make sure there is nothing else to be done. Be sure the maintenance center tech checks on the transmission fluids, the car battery, brakes and tires. If your car is in need of an alignment or fluids these things can be done during your regular maintenance visit as well.

Inside and Outside Care

Besides how the car runs, how it looks on the inside and outside is important in order to keep a car in good shape. This means keeping both the interior and exterior of the vehicle clean. Weekly car washes are a good idea to keep your car’s paint job in the best condition. Getting the car detailed every 6 months or so is never a bad idea either. This should include a good coat of wax which will help protect the car’s finish from the harsh environment.
Keep up with your Dodge maintenance by bringing your car in for servicing at University Dodge.

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