In Case of Hurricane Matthew, Protect Your Vehicle

October 4th, 2016 by

Hurricane Matthew is a growing cause of concern for the residents of South Florida. At this point at the very least South Florida will get a lot of rain and wind, and there’s still potential for a powerful hurricane.

As a dealership, we we want to share a couple ways you can protect your vehicle for Matthew or a future severe storm.  

Before a Hurricane or Tropical Storm

Car Insurance

There are a couple things you should do regarding your car insurance. If you don’t know your policy, call your insurance company to find out if your policy includes comprehensive coverage. Comprehensive coverage could cover the damages to your vehicle in the event of storm damage. Also, take pictures of all sides of your vehicle before the storm. This will help show proof that the damage to your car was caused by the storm.

Fill Up

Also, make sure to fill you car up with gas. In the event of a tropical storm or hurricane, people will be rushing to the gas station to fill up their cars and backup generators so lines can get very long.


Before a storm, the best place to park a vehicle is in a multi-level parking garage. But if you need alternatives, look for a place that isn’t in a flood zone, or isn’t within range of trees that could be blown over.

After a Hurricane or Tropical Storm


It is not safe to drive in a tropical storm or hurricane. The wind and rain could be too heavy for a car to safely travel. Additionally, falling debris are very dangerous.

After a storm, it is still important for drivers to be cautious. It is best to wait to drive as long as possible because there’s a good chance debris is blocking roads and there could still be flooding. Additionally, emergency services need access to the roads, so be aware of those vehicles.

Whenever you do drive after a storm, avoid flood zones and do not drive through standing water. Additionally, do not get out if there is a lot of fallen debris because active power lines could be down and they can severely hurt you or kill you.

Good luck, be safe, and feel free to reach us at University Dodge via Facebook or Twitter with any questions, concerns, or additional car safety tips.

Photo source: shutterstock