Five Holiday Gifts for the Handyman Tough Guy

December 10th, 2015 by
university dodge handyman gifts
Ram trucks are commonly known for their size, power and durability. Because of that, people and companies that rely on transporting heavy materials, like contractors, handymen, landscapers and construction workers, gravitate towards purchasing various Ram models.
While there are a slew of holiday gift lists for people’s hobbies, there aren’t quite as many geared toward shopping with someone’s career in mind. So to break the common mold, we’ve compiled a gift list for anyone shopping for  a co-worker, boss or loved one who works in construction and building.
Tender Love and Care
Pampering might not be the first thing you think of when buying gifts for a handyman or construction worker, but no one puts their bodies to the test like they do. From back pain, repetitive stress injuries, and the standard wear and tear that comes with heavy physical work, a little TLC can go a long way. If you’re not sure which spa treatment would be best, gift givers can give the Spa Finder Wellness gift card which can be used at thousands places around the world and includes treatments like, shaves, haircuts, massages, pedicures and manicures.
Served How You Like It
Though $30 might sound pricey for a water bottle, Yeti’s products, like their water bottle, have a unique technology that keeps drinks cold or hot for a very long time. Additionally, their Tumblers are made from thick stainless steel, so they are extremely heavy-duty so they can withstand many of the conditions at a construction site.
Lifeline Protection
A durable, protective smartphone case is a must have for anyone who’s active or works outside.There are a handful of excellent cases that protect cell phones from getting damaged by water, dropping, the screen cracking or something falling on it.
Subtle Comforts
Not only does Duluth Trading Company have awesome commercials, but their products, including underwear and undershirts, are designed to offer comfort and flexibility in the heat or cold. Compression socks are also a small gift that can make a big difference to someone who works on their feet a lot. Various brands, like ACEL, have designed products that help keep the blood moving, prevent shin splints, and have a wicking technology that helps prevent athlete’s foot.
Gift of Music
ToughTested has created an award winning product that is perfect for loud environments. The product is called Jobsite: Heavy Duty Noise Control Earbuds with Mic and is ideal for tradesman, landscapers and construction workers. These earbuds serve two purposes, first is to  protect one’s hearing from loud outside influences and second is to make it possible for one to receive calls or listen to music despite loud surroundings.  
Of course, if you want to get that special someone a new truck, stop by Rob Lambin’s University Dodge in Davie, Fla. and we’ll make sure you get the best deal.