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After Stellantis hosted its 2021 EV Day event, it’s obvious that the Dodge Charger is next on the list of vehicles in need of a hybrid or all-electric powertrain upgrade. The parent company’s STLA global platforms signal a sense of unity in this new era and they’re bound to be the foundation of numerous vehicles from Stellantis, including the future of American eMuscle from Dodge. Here’s what’s circulating around the rumor mill when it comes to the future of the Dodge Charger.

Possible Powertrains

What hybrid powertrains could possibly power the Dodge Charger in the future? Experts looked to existing technology from sister brands Jeep and Ram for answers. The current Ram 1500 model features a 48-volt mild-hybrid system that’s standard on its V6 engine and available on its famed 5.7-liter HEMI V8. Jeep, on the other hand, recently introduced its latest plug-in hybrid technology — 4xe. What do these models have in common with the Dodge Charger? They already share the parts bin, meaning consumers who currently drive these vehicles are experiencing the same power plants. As it stands, it makes sense for the future Charger to use similar setups. 

However, nothing is currently ruling out the idea that Dodge could very well design a completely new powertrain to place under the hood of the Charger (and Challenger). As more electrified options from Stellantis roll off the assembly line, automotive experts will be able to discern just how different the incoming STLA platforms are. Knowing Dodge as a performance brand, it’s fairly evident the automaker will opt to go the high-horsepower route.  

Sizing up the Competition

As it stands, the newest F-150 Lightning from Ford is the cause of all the latest automotive buzz. That stands to change once Ram reveals its electrified Ram 1500 model in the coming months. Although Ram and Dodge are separate entities, automotive experts expect that those same power sources will likely be adapted for the new Charger. Ideally, once electrified models begin circulating under the Stellantis umbrella, everything will fall into place. Stellantis’ goal is to bring an electrified Charger and Challenger to market by 2024. 

When it comes to professional opinions, the Jeep Wrangler 4xe technology makes another appearance as the hybrid power plant combination generates 375 horsepower and 470 lb-ft of torque. Those figures exceed the Charger’s best numbers — even surpassing those with the largest HEMI engine, thus it sounds like a real possibility that at least the plug-in hybrid variant of the upcoming Charger will borrow from this existing technology. 

While it’s always fun to speculate, the general public won’t get an introduction to the electrified Charger variants well into 2022 or even 2022. What we do know is that Dodge is dedicated to horsepower and to its Brotherhood of Muscle. The automaker is up to the task and we can expect many high-performance electric vehicles as gas-powered muscle cars fade into obscurity. Power is the name of the game and electrified powertrains have proved themselves capable of instantly generating more torque and horsepower — Dodge is setting out to harness that energy.

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