Here Comes the 2020 Dodge Journey

September 17th, 2019 by

If sales figures are anything to judge by, the Dodge Journey definitely feels like a surprise success. Nearly a silent participant in the Dodge lineup, the Journey’s future remains uncertain. Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) is still selling these hand over fist, but there’s been nary a blurb from the automaker about this crossover when it comes to the 2021 model year. In the meantime, Dodge recently released the specs on the 2020 Journey and the automaker has decided to streamline and reduce the trims range. 

Dodge will only offer the 2020 Journey in two trim levels — the base SE Value trim and higher-tier Crossroad trim. The prior base-tier SE trim and top GT trim are no longer part of the Journey lineup, while the mid-level SXT trim was retired sometime back in 2018. 

The brand initially introduced the Journey model more than a decade ago, back in 2008. 2011 marks the only model year in which the Journey and its design received any form of update. That’s right, only one update in over a decade. The Journey has remained mostly unchanged since 2011, with trims disappearing over the past few years. However, don’t this crossover’s age fool you, they’re still flying off dealer lots by the bunch.  

The Dodge Journey sold over 94,000 units in 2018 despite nearing a decade without any major changes. The crossover comes in second in terms of sales after the brand’s leader, the Caravan. Back in 2015, the Journey had its best sales year ever thanks to 108,000 units. When the Dodge Journey first debuted, it was able to tackle small foreign markets rebadged as the Fiat Freemont abroad. The Fiat Freemont model has since been phased out, and experts believe that the Journey will eventually be phased out too. 

Many will be surprised to read that the Journey’s sales figures come in second after the Dodge Caravan (152,000 units in 2019 so far.) Coming in second to the Caravan in terms of sales figures means that Dodge sold more Journey models last year than it did Durango, Charger, or Challenger models. 

Is there some particular factor pushing Journey sales? Dodge reminds us that the Journey is still “America’s most affordable midsize crossover and the only crossover in the segment to offer standard seven-passenger seating.” The convenient features coupled with the affordability factor make the Journey an attractive choice for a lot of potential buyers. 

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