Gift Ideas For This Father’s Day

June 15th, 2017 by

What can one really do for Father’s Day? How can we say thanks to the man that helped raise us? Well, for one thing, making his daily life a little easier would be nice. Most likely he owns a car, SUV, or truck. Why not start with getting Dad a better ride? We’re not saying buy Dad a car, but getting a few things to improve the drive can’t hurt.


All dads like new tech, it’s in manly blood. What better way to make the drive better than with some new technology? We discussed Uconnect a little in-depth recently to give you a good idea of what kind of infotainment FCA vehicles, including Dodge and Ram, one can install and subscribe to. Definitely worth a read, and only $14.99/month.


Speaking of appearance, all Dodge vehicles come with the ability to opt into an appearance package of some kind. In terms of Ram trucks, there are many special and limited editions. Just look at the 2017 Ram 1500. There’s the Sublime Green body color package, Copper body coat with black performance hood decals, 1500 Night comes with Mopar performance parts, the list continues.

If buying a car or truck for a particular color seems a bit of a leap there’s always the ability to get your dad’s ride detailed. Although a couple hundred if done by the right people, detailing a vehicle and returning it to its former glory would be a real surprise, and a great gift. Just make sure Pops doesn’t plan on getting a new vehicle anytime soon – that’d be awkward.


Lastly, you can always purchase some accessories to make life better on the road. Trucks can always make use of a tonneau cover to keep cargo secured. Again, it might cost a couple hundred dollars, but not many car parts are cheap. If budget is the game here, getting an audio book could work, a cell phone car mount, or even seat covers. Plus, it’s the summer. Getting a seat or steering wheel cover, or even some sun shades to keep the cabin a little cool would be thoughtful and won’t cost all that much.

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Photo Source/Copyright: Shutterstock; Africa Studio