Five Helpful Car Hacks

February 15th, 2016 by

helpful car hacks

We all like to save time and money. Check out the five hacks below that will help you save both when it comes to the life of your car and car expenses.

Strategic Parking

If you live in a place that gets really icy and cold in the winter, parking the front of your vehicle so it is directly hit by the rising sun is a great way to start melting the ice off your windshield before your morning commute. Once in your car, fire up the defroster to get the remaining ice and snow off.

For the summer, consider sacrificing 10-20 feet of walking distance for a shaded parking spot. Also, use a sunshade for the windshield. You will thank yourself when you don’t get into a blazing hot car and burn yourself on the leather seats and steering wheel.

If you keep a car seat in the car all day, remove it during warmer months to avoid overheating or burning your child when placing them back in the seat. The metal buckles can get hotter than you might think, just by sitting in the hot car.

Stop running into the front of your garage

Hang a tennis ball in your garage so it is resting on the windshield in the perfect parking position to avoid running into the wall again and again.

Plunge it out

Have a dent on your car? Use a car plunger to pull out small dents on your car. They are super cheap and can save you a lot of money from paying a service to do the same thing you can do.

Use the Right Products

Using products that aren’t intended for your car or a car in general could lead to issues. For instance:

  • Any glass cleaner with ammonia will discolor a car’s tint if used to clean the windows.
  • Using oil which is different from the type recommended in your owner’s manual may not be offering your car the correct amount of lubrication and overtime could result in damage.
  • Don’t just fill your radiator up with water. Water heats up faster and also freezes easier than coolant, so be sure  use the correct 50/50 mixture of water and coolant.

The Hack to Avoid a Hack

There are a number of things a car seller, either a dealer or a private seller, can do to cover up signs that the car may have issues. For starters, resetting, breaking or removing the “check engine light” so it isn’t on when you turn the car on.

Before buying a car, ask the seller if you can bring the car to your mechanic to have it inspected. While not every dealership and person will agree, you’ll get a feel for the individual’s willingness to be transparent about your potential purchase.  If the seller does allow you to do this, be willing to leave proof of insurance, a copy of your driver’s license, and have a scheduled appointment to avoid any inconveniences to them.


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