Dodge Hornet Rumors Heat Up Again

February 18th, 2022 by

If the rumor mill is to be believed, Dodge has a new Hornet SUV model in the works. Recent sneak peaks via leaked Facebook video screenshots might’ve given enthusiasts a glimpse into what the SUV might look like. Previously, Italian publication Autopareri confirmed that the Dodge Hornet would borrow several design cues from the recently-revealed Alfa Romeo Tonale. The originally-leaked video looks like it was shot on the factory floor, and has since been scrubbed from the Internet. Some screenshots are making the rounds on social media and show a front and interior design that’s very much like the Alfa Romeo. Some key changes seen include reshaped headlights, extra vents and scoops, and a Dodge badge on the steering wheel. Specifically, the vents and scoops could indicate this is either an R/T or SRT variation of the upcoming Hornet. 

Coincidentally, the Dodge and Alfa Romeo cousins are programmed to be built alongside one another in Italy, hinting that both models will share powertrain configurations. In the Alfa Romeo, there’s a turbo 2.0-liter inline-four as the base engine with 256 horsepower, as well as an available plug-in hybrid powertrain powered by a 1.3-liter gasoline engine. It’s rumored that the Dodge Hornet will come standard with a lower-powered engine to make it more accessible instead of competing head-to-head with the Alfa Romeo’s more luxurious targets. 

Enthusiasts should learn more about the Dodge Hornet sometime later this year (2022). As for the Alfa Romeo Tonale, it’s scheduled to go on sale in early 2023, so the Dodge Hornet may hit dealerships a few months after that. Moving on to the interior of the Hornet, it strongly resembles the Tonale. A specific disguise covers the majority of the outermost air vents, but the console, tablet touchscreen, switchgear, driving mode selector, and even the steering wheel all appear identical, but there’s a Dodge logo in the center differentiating the model from the Tonale. What’s not included in this Dodge Hornet prototype are the supercar-style shift paddles found in Alfa Romeo vehicles. 

Dodge initially used the Hornet nameplate back in 2006 for a concept vehicle. Back then, the Hornet was destined to be a compact hatchback concept — but it seems like the ever-changing automotive landscape has pushed that design towards the SUV segment instead.  As is customary with all automakers, Dodge has been tight-lipped and hasn’t confirmed any of the rumors. Still, if it holds, enthusiasts can expect to get a glimpse of the Hornet sometime soon. The Hornet nameplate is a storied one that was first utilized by American Motors Corporation (AMC) between 1970 and 1977. Chrysler absorbed AMC in 1987 and was subsequently granted access to the nameplate. 

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