School + Sports Practice? Meet the Dodge Grand Caravan

August 22nd, 2016 by

A minivan that is reliable, spacious, and kid/teen friendly seems like a challenge to find. But at University Dodge we have the Dodge Grand Caravan, which is the perfect vehicle for the soccer moms and dads of the world. It is loaded with features that make you feel like coolest family rolling up to the field. More importantly, the Dodge Grand Caravan has features that assure maximum cargo space, comfortable seating, and a powerful engine so the kids are always on time.

If you are one of those parents that run one kid to volleyball practice, the other to football, and offer their friends rides as well, you need a vehicle with space, and lots of it. That’s where the Dodge Grand Caravan comes into play. With three row of seating, Stow n’ Go storage, and a large area behind the third row, you can easily fit all the children as well as the equipment that comes along with sports. In fact, the van can hold up to 143 cubic ft. of cargo.

The Stow n’ Go system allows the second row seats to fold into the floor creating a flat surface for storage. However, when the seats are not folded into the floor, that space can be used for extra storage.

Not only do the three rows of seating (7 seats) allow for the kids and their friends, but there are also more seating features perfect for sporting events. The new Grand Caravan has tailgate seating. Yes, tailgate seating. Even if it is raining, you won’t have to miss the game, because you can sit in the cover of your van and watch the game from the back tailgate seats. This works by flipping the third row 60/40 split seats to face the back of the vehicle creating the perfect tailgate seating.

If we haven’t already caught your attention, maybe the engine will. The Dodge Grand Caravan comes standard with a 283-horsepower 3.6-liter V6 engine. Never be late picking up or dropping off the little ones at school or practice. This van also gets a combined 25 mpg, which is impressive for a van of this size.

Grab the kids, and come down to University Dodge and test drive a new Dodge Grand Caravan, they will be just as impressed as you are.

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