Dodge Challenger SRT Demon Riddles Revealed — With A Lot of Help!

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Throughout the Dodge Challenger SRT Demon’s If You Know, You Know campaign, Dodge had the internet and social media going crazy. Not only was it due to excitement and curiousity, but also because people really wanted to solve the riddles Dodge revealed throughout weeks of teaser videos. But unless you are a SERIOUS gearhead or physicist, there’s a chance you were completely stumped, we know we were. If you are done trying to figure them out for yourself, keep reading because we share the answers revealed on Car and Driver.

Body – License Plate I

Hint: #[email protected]
If you were stumped by any of the riddles, chances are it was this one because it wasn’t something that could really be figured out. The first riddle Dodge posed was in the third teaser video, “Body” and it was the first of three riddles on the vehicle’s license plate.  There were awesome guesses all over social media and posted in the comments of articles, but looking back we didn’t see anyone who got it correct.

So what did the numbers mean? According to Dodge, the Dodge Challenger SRT Demon is the first production car to wheelie and the “2576” refers to the pounds of weight transfer needed to lift the front end off the ground and “35” is the distance in inches that the wheelie can last as the Demon accelerates.

Crate – Serial Plate

Hint: Tom Coddington / 0757 / VIN 001121
This  was less a little of a riddle and more of hints about vehicle details. So what did the three pieces of information on the VIN mean? Tom Coddington was a well-known Mopar drag racer, so the VIN not only signifies that the vehicle is street legal and needs a VIN, but it is also built for a drag racer. The numbers 11/21 in the VIN are the date that the Demon set the production-car quarter-mile time and wheelie records. As for the 757, we don’t know what that means.

Third Law – In the Smoke

Hint:[email protected]
This hint could have easily been missed as it was fairly camouflaged in the smoke produced by the vehicle burning rubber and it was also a very, very hard riddle. Now we know that the riddle is revealing the Demon’s acceleration, but not the typical 0-60 mph acceleration, something much more finite. This riddle is fairly cryptic and this is what Car and Driver provides as an answer, “… 1.785 g’s, or 57.5 feet per second, squared—the Demon can generate just half a second (0.500 second) into a drag-strip launch. At this point, the Demon is traveling at 13.5 mph.”

No Pills – License Plate II

Hint: 3.9+221=405
If you weren’t defeated by the hard riddles yet, chances are you were after this one. Revealed in the “No Pills” teaser, this riddle was on a license plate. Thanks to Car and Driver We now know that “3.9” is the supercharger boost, in psi, during a launch, which generates “an incremental 221 lb-ft of torque” for a “total launch torque of 405 lb-ft.” DUH!

Lock ‘n’ Load – License Plate III

Hint: 8.3+317=534
This teaser was revealed in the “Lock ‘n’ Load” teaser, which focused on the vehicle’s transmission brake and Torque Reserve Feature. Figure it out? We didn’t think so, according to Car and Driver, “8.3 is a reference to the boost achieved in psi during a two-step ignition and trans-braked launch, which adds an extra 317 lb-ft of launch torque for a total of 534 lb-ft.”
Thanks for all of the help, Car and Driver! We literally would have ever known the answers without you!


Photo Credit: FCA USA Media

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