Dodge Got It Right

January 21st, 2016 by

TV commercials can be really hard to get right — especially in the auto industry. Time and time again, car commercials tend to follow the same format, trying to make a car look desirable with a pretty person speeding down a road. However, Dodge tapped into their roots and made a series of great commercials starring likenesses of their founders — the Dodge brothers.

The Dodge brothers originally got their start by making parts for Ford and in 1913 they founded Dodge Brothers Motor Company. In the company’s first year, they sold 250 cars and then in 1914 the company’s sales increased by almost 18,000% and sold 45,000 cars.

As the commercial portrays, the brothers, Horace and John were known to be very competitive, however, very close, as they died from pneumonia in the same year. Their competitiveness paid off though. In just the seven years they spent creating cars, their legacy became ever lasting. Five years after their death, Dodge was sold to an investment bank for $146 million. Three years later, Chrysler bought Dodge for $170 million and are still owners of it today.

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