Before You Complain About the Heat, Consider Your Car

January 4th, 2017 by

Florida Driving

So Florida might be a little hot year-round, especially South Florida, but that’s not always a bad thing. In addition to plenty of sunshine and not having to wear big jackets, there’s another big benefit to not living up north during the winter — driving and being a car owner in winter conditions. Before you complain about not having the seasons, be thankful you don’t need to pay more for these things that car owners in the northern regions do.

Unlike the winter roads up north, our South Florida roads aren’t heavily salted and sanded to melt ice and add traction. Salty, sandy roads not only make the exterior and interior of cars very dirty, but the salt also causes a lot of corrosion that leads to rust and permanent damage over time.

Also drivers in South Florida won’t ever slide from snow or ice on their local roads. Not only is sliding on icy and snowy roads very dangerous and scary, but those slick conditions means that people need to use their brakes a lot more to stay in control and more brake use, means more money in brake maintenance.

Unless you are a fan of off-roading, having a car with all-wheel-drive (AWD) or 4×4 in Florida isn’t as important as it is for cars that might get stuck in the snow. Owning a 2WD car is an excellent advantage because AWD or 4×4 cars are more expensive to buy and more expensive to keep up. Additionally, they are also less fuel efficient, which is another costly factor.

Drive a diesel? Cold temps make it much harder for diesel engines to start. In fact, many people that own vehicles with diesel engines up north have a special gadget called a block heater that can the engine block warm before trying to start it.

And finally, Floridians are never going to need to plow their driveway, brush off their front or back windows or pick ice of the windshield or door handle to get into the car. We might get some heavy rain, but that’s about as hard as it gets.

So next time you get into a car that’s a little too hot, don’t get worked up about it. Our neighbors up north would love to have it like we do.

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