Authentic OEM parts for your Dodge Vehicle or Ram Truck

August 16th, 2016 by

Our friends at Mopar have the best auto parts and accessories  for your Dodge or Ram vehicle. Mopar provides us with authentic OEM parts for Dodge and Ram vehicles, from repairs and performance to accessories and personal styling.

Below is a list of some of the popular Mopar parts we have in stock or can specially order for you.  Once you have the part or accessory, we can install it for you at your next University Dodge maintenance visit. (Just be sure to let you service writer know ahead of time.)

Ram Trucks

Chrome Tubular Side Steps

Not all of us have long legs and some of us are vertically challenged. Getting in and out of a lifted or even stock Ram truck can be a challenge for some of us. With that being said, a really popular truck accessory made by Mopar are tubular side steps or running boards to help drivers and passengers to get in and out of their truck with ease.

Hard Folding Cover Tonneau

Do you transport a lot of items that you don’t want getting wet while they are in the bed of your truck? A lightweight folding tonneau cover made with durable aluminum would be a great option for you. Once installed on your truck,  opening the tonneau takes seconds and makes it easy to access cargo all the way to the front of the bed. Locked with sturdy, flush-mount locks in the front and rear, secures tailgate and cover.


Aluminum Wheels

Looking to give customize your Dodge Challenger? Shiny chrome wheels would be  a nice addition and Mopar has plenty to choose from. And, the best part is that these wheels are recommended by the factory, so you know they will fit.

Molded Cargo Area Tray

The Dodge Durango has plenty of space for cargo, and having a flexible, skid-resistant rubber cargo tray is a great add-on. Keep cargo from moving about while driving and protect your interior from spills, dirt, grease, and grime with one of these trays. They are custom molded to fit the exact contours of the cargo bay area for easy installation and removal.

Cold Air Intake Systems for the Charger and Dart

Want to increase the power on your Dodge Charger or Dodge Dart? A cold air intake system might be what you want. The part is a bolt-on system designed to allow cool, outside air directly into the intake manifold. Don’t think it will really work? These parts are proven to increase horsepower under various atmospheric conditions.


All of these parts and more are available or can be ordered and  installed during your next Dodge maintenance visit to Rob Lambdin’s University Dodge Ram service center.

Photo Source: Shutterstock; Copyright: Steve Mann