What Not to Do When Pulled Over

April 7th, 2016 by

what not to do when pulled over

Whether its for forgetting to make a complete stop before turning right or speeding down the highway at 80 mph, pretty much every driver out there is going to get pulled over at some point. More often than not, an individual will get a free pass, a ticket or carted off to jail depending on how they act when encountered by the police officer who pulled him or her over. At least there are a few simple tactics for what to do and what actions to avoid with a 10-foot pole.

Quickly and Safely Pull Over

For starters, pull your car over to the right as soon as you see those red and blue lights in your mirror. Put your hands on the steering wheel and turn on a light in any dark situations. Get off the phone and turn down the radio. Never go searching for your license in a purse, glove box or center console without an officer’s instructions. For all he or she knows, you could be reaching for a gun. And unless your car is on fire, remain seated with your seatbelt securely fastened.

Stay Calm

Never lose your cool, no matter how intimidated you feel. Even if you do not understand why you were pulled mover, never argue with a cop. Play nice and let them ask all of the questions and accept the aftermath. Implying that you were pulled over for no reason is just going to intensify the situation and pour salt on any wounds. If you do not agree with police officer, you can plead your case in court after the fact. Arguing with the authority who pulled you over is just going to make a bad situation worse. For all he or she knows, you could be a crazed cop killer with a loaded gun in your pocket.

Be Courteous

At the same time, being polite is critical. Never talk over or down to a cop. When he or she speaks, do nothing but listen. Follow it up with a “yes sir” or a “no ma’am”, just to show respect. Do not try to get too friendly either by calling an officer “bro”, “dude”, “sweetheart” or “baby”.

Never Fib

Under no circumstance should you ever lie to a cop. Often times, individuals will be let off for minor infractions, such as driving a bit too fast or underage drinking. Yet, if they lie about their speed or their age, it’s a good way to get ticketed, if not arrested. After all, cops often see lies as an insult to their intelligence. A quality police officer also knows how to recognize the human characteristics of lying. Which way do the individual’s eyes look or are they twitching?

Do not try to impress the authorities with your connections or bank account. In fact, trying to bribe a cop is grounds for an immediate arrest.

Key Points

There are only a few key factors to remember the next time you get pulled over. Never do anything to put fear into an officer’s mind. Show respect, cooperate fully and never argue. Do not give the cops any reason to write you up, or worse, haul you off to the big house.

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