Unveiling the 2024 Dodge Hornet RT’s Electrifying Performance

June 12th, 2024 by

University Dodge 2023 Dodge Hornet

Gearheads and electric vehicle enthusiasts, rejoice! The wait is over. Dodge has stormed into the electrified performance arena with the awe-inspiring Hornet RT, a plug-in hybrid that shatters expectations and defies categorization. But fear not, the spirit of Dodge muscle lives on, and under the Hornet RT’s hood (or rather, beneath its sleek silhouette) lies a hidden beast waiting to be unleashed: exhilarating horsepower that will leave you breathless.

Beyond Hybrid: A Performance Powerhouse

Forget the stereotype of eco-friendly cars being slow and sluggish. The Dodge Hornet RT rewrites the rules. Dodge engineers haven’t simply thrown an electric motor into a gas-powered car. They’ve meticulously crafted a symphony of power, blending a 1.3L turbocharged I4 gasoline engine with not one, but two electric motors – one located at the front and another at the rear. This innovative combination unlocks a staggering 288 horsepower, a figure that rivals some of Dodge’s most iconic muscle cars.

But horsepower is just one piece of the performance puzzle. The Hornet RT boasts a staggering 383 lb-ft of torque, that invisible force that throws you back in your seat as you accelerate. Imagine the instant response and exhilarating pull as the electric motors instantly deliver their torque, seamlessly blending with the surging power of the turbocharged gasoline engine. It’s a truly exhilarating experience that will redefine your perception of electric vehicles.

Electric Prowess: Unleash the Silent Fury

The Hornet RT isn’t just about raw power. Its hybrid technology offers surprising versatility. In electric-only mode, the Hornet RT glides silently through city streets, boasting an impressive all-electric driving range of 32 miles. This translates to guilt-free commutes, errand runs, and early morning escapes without disturbing the peace (or guzzling gas).

But when the open road beckons, or you crave the exhilarating roar of a gasoline engine, the Hornet RT seamlessly transitions to its hybrid mode. The combined power of the electric motors and the gasoline engine propels you forward with exhilarating force, all while the intelligent system optimizes fuel efficiency for extended journeys.

Tame the Beast, Master the Drive

Unleashing the Hornet RT’s power is only half the fun. Dodge equips the Hornet RT with a driver-centric experience that allows you to take full control. Selectable drive modes let you tailor the car’s personality to your mood. Cruise effortlessly in Eco mode, unleash the full fury in Sport mode, or explore the perfect balance of performance and efficiency in Hybrid mode.

The Hornet RT also boasts an impressive all-wheel-drive system that provides confidence-inspiring handling on any road. Whether you’re navigating city streets, carving up winding mountain roads, or venturing off the beaten path, the Hornet RT delivers a surefooted and exhilarating driving experience.

Experience the Hornet RT at University Dodge in Davie, FL

The all-new 2024 Dodge Hornet RT isn’t just a car, it’s a statement. It’s the perfect blend of exhilarating performance, cutting-edge electric technology, and legendary Dodge muscle. Ready to experience the electrifying power and versatility of the Hornet RT firsthand? Visit University Dodge in Davie, FL today!

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