Minivan Utility For The Miami Family

October 27th, 2015 by

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Why More South Florida Families Choose Grand Caravan

Everyone knows what kind of people drive minivansMinivans are the exclusive territory of soccer moms and families with kids.  This is a common stereotype but minivans are actually practical vehicles for many different purposes.  A minivan offers more cargo space and better fuel economy than most SUVs.  While a minivan may not win many awards for style, if you want to travel in comfort, this type of vehicle is a great choice.

Potential Minivan Situations

The most obvious use for a minivan is transporting kids and their stuff.  If you are going on vacation, you can load a lot of people and stuff into a minivan.  University Dodge even has road trip readiness inspections to make sure you’re fit for the highway.  Things that will not fit inside can always go on the roof rack.  You probably thought of this use on your own; here are three uses you may not have considered:

  • Night on the Town

Miami is known for its exciting nightlife.  A minivan is actually the ideal vehicle for a night out.  The Chrysler Town & Country for instance can seat six adults in comfort.  The leather seats and Premium Entertainment System will keep the party going all night.  As anyone who lived through the 1970s can tell you, a van is an essential part of having a good time.

  • Work Vehicle

A minivan is a great way to get a group of workers to a job site.  Fold the seats flat, and you can also have a large cargo area.  Any new dodge dealer can show you how to do this.  You can even use the 12-volt power outlet in the rear to charge tools, computers or phones.

  • Weekend Warrior

If you enjoy outdoor activities, a minivan can help you out there as well.  With the towing package, you can pull a boat, jet skis, ATVs or motorcycles out to where the fun is.  Throw your tent and your other gear in the back, and you have a perfect mobile base camp.

Minivans are not just for soccer moms and families anymore; whether you need to transport people, stuff or both, a minivan can get you where you want to go efficiently and comfortably.

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