LED AFS Headlamps Redefine Safety for 2019 Ram 1500

January 25th, 2018 by

Increased research has gone into making driving easier, better and safer. One product that is the result of that research are advanced lighting systems, such as adaptive front lighting systems (AFS) that help drivers view the road and surrounding areas like never before. Ram has recently made the new tech a part of the redesigned 2019 Ram 1500.

There’s definitely a need for better lighting systems when driving in the dark or when visibility is poor. Only 25% of driving takes place at night according to the National Safety Council, and according to Forbes 49 percent of fatal accidents occur at night.

Understanding Advanced Lighting Systems and AFS

The biggest difference between cars being released today, as opposed to vehicles from even a few years ago, is the optimization of headlight beams that use sensors to track vehicle speed and steering angels. This allows headlamps to properly move and rotate light in the direction the vehicle is traveling. Helping drivers where roads curve and in areas where visibility is compromised, that’s when AFS shine brightest.

Adaptive front-lighting systems have been helping drivers since their emergence early the 2000’s. Adaptive front-lighting systems provide the proper lighting when traffic conditions call for a change. While technology that helps drivers out with switching to the proper beam of light is not new technology, special auxiliary optical systems available in adaptive front-lighting systems, are something new. AFS promotes a vehicle’s headlamp to engage in ways that previous technologies did not. These high-tech sensors are the reason AFS technology is so effective to help drivers see what many they might not without this tech.

As the vehicle and operating elements change, so will the light coming from the headlamps. Distracted drivers or simply drivers that don’t notice when to use their high beams will have reinforcement help, automatically helping drivers out, just as day beams have been adopted for modern cars, this technology does the same thing.

The light that shines out will make angles and curves appear by the beam the auxiliary optics produce. Advanced AFS systems use GPS signals to be ahead of the curve, literally. They can anticipate changes in the road ahead, instead of reacting as the vehicle moves through harder to see areas. Illuminating at a greater distance and brighter than compared with halogen lights, a driver will gain better visibility while helping to prevent blinding other drivers.

Pedestrians, wild animals or stopped vehicles that are in the middle of the road can emerge at any turn, but AFS technology helps to showcase earlier in advance these potential hazards and allows drivers to take evasive action by seeing way ahead of the curve.

AFS technology separates itself even further by adjusting when a vehicle goes over a speed bump or uneven terrain, moving the lights higher or lower. Even when a vehicle is weighed down by passengers or cargo, the AFS sensors will adjust to the correct height needed to provide proper lighting before a driver even pulls away.

Lighting Availability on Redesigned Ram 1500

The good news about AFS technology is the fact that this is a standard technology on new vehicles like the new 2019 Ram 1500.

The 2019 Ram 1500 will provide twin bi-functional projector headlamps, very useful for drivers that experience long work days and driving many miles a day or for the often distracted driver, AFS technology provides greater visibility for drivers. Lighting points to the planned direction of the vehicle is heading, showcasing light around turns, driveways and parking lots.

Reducing accidents is the main reason AFS technology was created and we want to ensure all our customers have safe vehicles with modern technology. As AFS technology continues to redefine driver safety, Ram has been working to redefine customer appreciation and supplying customers with safe, modern vehicles and a wonderful customer experience.

If you’re curious to learn more, we’ll be more than happy to showcase our latest vehicles designed with your safety in mind. Visit University Dodge to find out what vehicle provides you with a safe, modern vehicle.