Current Dodge Durango Generation Might be the Model’s Last

September 22nd, 2021 by

The current-generation Dodge Durango has been with us for over a decade, with updates far and few between. As it stands, even the Durango is one of the numerous vehicles in the Dodge lineup that benefit from its hefty V8 engines. A Dodge renaissance looms on the horizon as the automaker develops its American eMuscle concept; its first foray into the EV segment. Challenger and Charger redesigns are programmed for 2024, along with the introduction of the brand’s first electric muscle car. That said, things are looking a lot different for the Durango, which seems slated to meet its natural end by 2024. 

The reason for this latest rumor? Automotive News reported that although the current Durango will remain in production until 2024, it’s likely that the automaker has no other known successor in the works. In 2018, Mopar Insiders, another publication, hinted that the next-generation Durango may move to a Ram 1500-based body-on-frame platform. That move would put the Durango on par with the likes of the Chevy Tahoe. Such a significant change for a model would either be public knowledge by now or Automotive News ( a publication that’s well connected) would’ve been able to confirm or deny the rumor. As it stands, if the Durango model has a future on the Dodge lineup, there’s a chance Stellantis hasn’t settled on a design or which way to go with the next-generation model. 

Despite its age, the Durango remains one of the most compelling family SUVs that refuses to compromise. A people-mover this hefty doesn’t have to mimic all other family cars, and the Durango breaks the mold with its HEMI V8 offerings under the hood. As we mentioned earlier, the Durango has received numerous updates that help it maintain its status as a family favorite SUV. In 2021, Dodge introduced the Durango SRT Hellcat — its top speed is a whopping 180 mph.  Its tow rating rounds off at about 8,700, with only the Ford Expedition out-towing the Durango in this class. 

While the Hellcat Durango certainly made a splash when it debuted, Dodge always intended it to be a halo product, meaning it will not carry forward past 2021. For 2022, Dodge adds standard Blind spot Monitoring for the Durango, as well as Rear Cross-Traffic Alerts. Lower-tier trims also get other improvements, and while not all cars can age gracefully, the Durango remains among the lucky few who can achieve that feat. While we may not know what the future really holds in store for the Durango, we can rest assured that the years left on this generation will be a success.

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